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The sitemap lists all pages and gives brief descriptions to help you find your way.
  • Home - The homepage, its the begining of our little adventure.
  • About - What drove me to become a Mechatronics Engineer and why? I explore my life story, as well as my passion for engineering.
  • Portfolio - Hardwork and perseverance, hear all about it. A showcase of projects I have completed, and even some that are still on-going.
    • Lithium-ion Battery Pack - A mobile robotic battery pack which uses more than 200 Lithium-ion cells. It includes safety features, signal measurement, and cell balancing.
    • Boxer - An autonomous robotic platform very similar to a conventional vehicle due to its ackerman steering design, and independent suspension.
    • Battery Manager - A tool designed to provide flexibility in the variety of research that I, and future research colleagues will undertake into the field of batteries.
    • SarBot - A semi-autonomous robot designed to traverse a multi-leveled maze and return to the initial point with a person in toe.
    • Ultima Apparel - Enhanced sportsware designed to improve posture and track workout form.
    • Phoenix - A solar panel frame I revamped while I interned at Celestica, I named this new frame Phoenix.
    • Academic Publications - A list of publications I completed while studying for my masters at OntarioTech University.
  • Contact - Do you have a project that demands perservance and passion? Then, lets talk.